Meet Toque...

Meet Toque.  He was my son Reece's pick...a litle yellow duckling with a big poof on his head.  From the start, he was different apart from the obvious.  He waddled to his own tune and shook his tail feathers when no one else did.  He stood alone....literally.  One day Toque just wasn't around.  I like to think he grew some flight feathers and hitched a ride on a passing float plane to some exotic place. A Tahiti for ducks perhaps where he where he is surfing and plodding the black sand beaches for the local ducklings.

Some of the lessons Toque taught me during his time at Madd Acres: Shake my tail feathers more. Let things roll off you..."water off a duck's back..." Be OK with what you have and lastly enjoy the little things. Simple Abundance. 

Paula Maddison