Using readily available products with comprehensive instruction, Paula demystifies the idea that cheesemaking is difficult.

You will journey through history, learn the process, technique and chemistry of the craft, and experience a world of sumptuous flavours as you create your very own cheese.

It's a unique experience sure to spark your inner cheesemaker!

Paula's Story


Visiting Madd Acres

My husband Steve and I have lived on Gabriola for over 20 years, landing here after traveling the world working on Mega Yachts. If you are taking a cheese class on Gabriola, you will be coming to our hobby farm/forest fondly named Madd Acres- part our last name, and partly, it's a little Madd with all that is going on here on our 80 acres!  

What you can expect is a bustling little hobby farm with bees buzzing, flowers blooming and lots of happy quacks, grunts, cheeps and squawks from all the various animals.  Our dog Gus will greet you on arrival. You may even get a chorus of quacks from the ducks.  You never know what you'll find at Madd Acres!

I am a transplanted Wisconsin Cheddar Head and as the saying goes, you can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can never take the Wisconsin out of the girl. When I was given the opportunity to help milk Helga, my friend's cow, the journey into crafting my own cheeses began. I love crafting cheese but even more so,  I love teaching people how to make their own cheese!

I realize that not everyone has access to fresh raw milk which is why I teach using store bought milk making cheese making accessible to everyone. 

I use my extensive background in event planning and private catering to customize and create classes unique for you, your friends and family.  My classes are comprehensive, delicious and a lot of fun.  Students will leave with a good understanding of the history, science and alchemy of this ancient art of fermentation as well as the ingredients used in making artisan cheeses. Bring a good appetite and be prepared to create some amazing and delicious creations worthy of the cover of Bon Appetite Magazine!

Join me for a truly unique experience and learn how to craft your own cheese.