Nanaimo Classes:

LOCATION: Bowen Road Kitchen 6-8 pm

*Registration:  250 756 2000

September 26th: Cheesemaking 101: paneer, ricotta, and queso fresco 6-8 PM

October 24th: Mozzarella, buratta and bocconcini 6-8PM

November 21st: Brie and Blooms 6-8pm

December 19th: Holiday dips, spreads and appetizer using Fromage Blanc 6-8pm

January 30th: Farmer’s Style Cheddar 6-8pm

February 27th: Parmesan! 6-8pm

March 26th: Asiago 6-8pm

Kamloops Classes:

LOCATION: Parks and Recreation

*Registration: please phone 250-247-8635

Summer 2020 TBA


Mill Bay Classes:

LOCATION: Kerry Park Recreation

*Registration: please call 250 743 5922

OUR Ecovillage Workshop: Shawnigan lake

September 21st

Get milk? Get away: cheese making workshop:

Greek Style Feta, Mozzarella, buratta and bocconcini and Fromage Blanc

November 2nd: Brie and Blooms, sour cream, cream cheese and Fromage Blanc

Register at:

Nelson / Slocan / Castlegar Classes:

LOCATION: To Be Announced

*Registration: please call 250-247-8635

July 2020 TBA

Door County, wisconsin Classes:

Mozzarella, Burrata and Bocconcini

Learn how to make your own home made cheese! Join Paula Maddison who has been teaching the lost art of cheese making for over 7 years and learn how to make your own hand stretched mozzarella cheese turning it into an appetizer worthy of the cover of Bon Appetit Magazine! This is a demonstration style: Taste, Touch, Feel class that will demystify the process of making your own cheese.  You will learn how to make your own mozzarella as well as learn some creative and unique serving ideas.  Instructions and ingredients to make over 4 lbs of mozzarella at home are included.

Location 1: Lautenbach’s Orcharch country winery and market

September 5th 6-8 pm enjoy a wine tasting along with this class

9197 wi-42, Fish Creek, wisconsin

*Registration: 866 946 3263 tickets $65 per person

Location 2: Kick Ash Granola and Coffee
September 7th 6-8 pm

12001 Mink River Road, Ellison Bay, Wisc

Registration: 920 421 1041 Tickets $65 per person


Revelstoke Classes:

Location: Revelstoke Recreation Centre: 600 Campbell Ave

*Registration: please call 250 837 9351

Summer 2020 TBA

Salmon Arm Classes:

LOCATION: To be Announced

*Registration: please call 250 832 4044

Squamish Classes:

Location:Brennan Park 1009 Centennial Way 

*Registration: please call 604 898 3604


Sunshine Coast Classes:

LOCATION: Gibsons & Area Community Centre 700 Park Road

*Registration on line then search for classes at:

Fall 2019:

October 25th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 5-7 pm

October 26th: Greek Style Feta 10-noon

October 26th: Parmesan 1 to 3pm

October 27th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10-noon

October 27th: Gouda 1-3pm


Vancouver Classes:

Location 1: Gourmet Warehouse 1340 E Hastings St

*Registration: please call 604 253 3022

September 28th: Cheese making 101: Paneer, ricotta and queso blanco 10 to noon

September 28th: Soft cheeses: sour cream, cream cheese, boursin and cottage cheese 1-3pm

October 5th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10-noon

October 5th: Gouda 1-3pm

October 5th Brie and Blooms 4-6pm

October 6th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10-noon

October 6th: Greek style Feta 1-3pm

October 6th: Parmesan 4-6pm

November 17th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10-noon

November 17th: Holiday dips and spreads working with Fromage Blanc 1-3pm

November 17th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 4-6pm

January 18th, 2020: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10-noon

January 18th, 2020:Greek style Feta 1-3pm

January 18th, 2020: Asiago 4-6pm

February 8th:  Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10-noon

February 8th:  Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 1-3pm

February 8th: Farmer’s Style Cheddar 4-6pm

Feburary 9th: Stilton, fromage blanc and boursin 10-3pm

March 7th:  Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10-noon

March 7th: Poutine! 1-3pm

March 7th: Manchego 4-6pm

Location 2: Italian Cultural Centre:

3075 Slocan Street

Telephone: 604 430 3337

Sept 27th:  Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 6-8pm

November 15th:  Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 6-8pm

January 17th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 6-8pm

February 7th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 6-8pm

1485 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 1M6
Telephone: 604 558 1485
Please call the restaurant to book space in these classes

September 29th: Mozzarella, Burrata and Bocconcini, 6 to 8pm
November 23: Cheesemaking 101 (paneer, ricotta and queso fresco) 10am to Noon
Also November 23: Brie and Blooms, 1pm to 3pm
December 8th: Mozzarella burrata and bocconcini, 10am to Noon
Also December 8th: Dips, spreads and holiday appetizers, 1pm to 3pm
January 19th: Mozzarella burrata and bocconcini, 10am to noon
Also January 19th: Brie and Blooms, 1pm to 3pm

Victoria Classes:

Location 1: Fairfield Gonzales Recreation, 1330 Fairfield Road

*Registration: please call 250 382 4604

Spring 2020 TBA

Location 2: Victoria West Community Association 521 Craigflower Rd

*Registration: please call 250 590 8922

October 19th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10 to noon

October 19th: Gouda 1-3pm

January 11th 2020: Sour cream, cream cheese, boursin and fromage blanc 10-noon

January 11th 2020: Mozzarella, burrata, and bocconcini 1-3pm

Location 4: Oak Bay

 Monterey Recreation Centre: 1442 Monteray Ave

*Registration: please call 250 370 7300 : 

December 15th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10 to noon

December 15th: Holiday dips and spreads using Fromage Blanc 1-3pm

February 22nd 2020: Sour cream, cream cheese, boursin, fromage blanc and Chevre10-noon

February 22nd 2020: Cheese making 101 paneer, queso fresco and ricotta 1-3pm

March 14th: Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini 10 to noon

March 14th: Havarti 1-3pm

Vernon Classes:

LOCATION: Lakehouse

*Registration: please call 250 545 6035

Summer 2020 TBA

Penticton Classes:

LOCATION: Parks and Recreation

Summer 2020 TBA


Or, at Your Place!

I love designing special gatherings! Call to discuss how you can learn to make cheese at no cost for hosting your own day with your family and friends.

Fall/winter 2018:  I am reserving some weekend dates for private classes as I have been getting more interest in people holding their own cheese making events.  Please call to discuss!