Cheesemaking 101

$100 | 10:30 - 2:30

This is a great introduction into 4 easy, rapidly acidified cheeses including: Paneer, ricotta, mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini along with mascarpone. These cheeses are easy and delicious to create which is sure to spark your inner cheese maker!


Everyday Dairy


Crafting your own everyday dairy products not only saves you money, the big bonus is you know exactly what has gone into them and the taste is far superior! You will learn how to create your own sour cream, cream cheese, butter, Boursin, feta and cottage cheese in this class which also includes instructions and cultures to make your own at home.



Hard Pressed cheese & Paneer


Extend your basic knowledge of cheese making and explore all the varieties of cultures used in making hard pressed cheeses. Choose to make one of the following: colby, Gruyère, Jarlsberg, Asiago, havarti, or Gouda.  We will also be making a paneer instructions and cultures are included.  


Mozzarella and chèvre


Make your own mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini in 30 minutes!  You will also be working with pre-made chèvre curd to create your own delicious appetizer to bring home.  This is a hands on class where you be stretching your own mozzarella.  Cultures and instructions to make over 5 lbs at home are included. 

Discover cheese making Intensive


Designed for those interested in an intensive cheese making class that will encompass a variety of soft, pressed and advanced techniques including: sour cream, cream cheese, Boursin, ricotta, mozzarella, fromage blanc, feta, farmer's cheddar and Brie. Students will take home cheese, instructions and ingredients to make your own at home.


Brie & Fromage Blanc


Explore the wonderful world of Brie and bloomy rind cheeses! This class delves into the science behind the bloomy rind cheeses. Students will also work with a pre-made fromage blanc curd that they will take home as an appetizer.  Cultures and instructions are included.  


Stilton, chèvre & Cambozola


This class will introduce students to the world of P. Roqueforti while making Stilton and Cambozola, a delicious Camembert style cheese with blue veining.  Students will take home their own chèvre appetizer as well as supplies needed to create their own cheeses at home.

Brie and Blooms.jpg

Soft Cheeses/

cheese plate      

$140 l10.30-2.30                    

One of the most popular classes by far, this class focuses on soft, fresh cheeses.  Mozzarella, burrata and bocconcini, butter, Boursin, Neufchatel, sour cream and cream cheese.  Cultures to make your own at home are included. 

workshops: Gabriola

$50|2 hours

These are demonstration-style, taste, touch and feel classes with instructions to make your own at home.  Price is per session, cheese include: feta, mozzarella, cottage cheese, fromage blanc/Boursin, poutine, chèvre, Brie, paneer and farmer's cheddar.  Culture kits available for additional charge.  Check schedule section for dates or call to book.